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Originally Posted by tcr1701 View Post
Unfortunately, Pilato's "researcher" and assistant with the biography book used these exact same references (mainly lots of tabloid articles from the 1960s). There is no evidence Elizabeth confided in Pilato any of her possible negative feelings towards York or any other cast members. Nor was she and Pilato close.

Pilato avoided any negative comments about or attributed to Montgomery while she was alive. Once she died he then sensationalized her "biography" which in my opinion must be taken with a huge grain of salt. He even went so far as to suggest Elizabeth was an alcoholic once she safely passed on. For someone who claims to have "loved" her Pilato had no trouble airing her supposed "dirty laundry" to sell a book.
Rubbish, One i was the asst. and two Pilato interviewed more then 150 people who knew Liz over her life for his Bio. of her, dozens of which were Bewitched cast and crew who confirmed all that he wrote of re DY visa vie Liz.

There was nothing sensationalized about his Bio. on Liz's life and he left much salacious facts out of the book out of respect for Liz and her family all of which were told to me.

Your thinking of Rita Piros Bio on Liz which was just a collection of magazine articles and interviews Liz did,primarily in the Bewitched years of her life with no interviews of actual people.
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