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Originally Posted by tcr1701 View Post
Dick York was not dismissed by the show. He asked Bill Asher to let him quit when his health was at a very low point. ABC was hoping he could continue on but he just could not. Mrs. York in particular was so worried about his health she was in full support of him leaving.

There was one small article from late 1969 or so which "claimed" York had stated that the atmosphere on the set was so bad by the end of his time and he was glad to leave. This seems more like Hollywood gossip since York spent 18 months at home flat on his back recuperating. Hardly seems likely that he gave any interviews.

In his autobiography Dick wrote that he and Elizabeth were very close on set (as he was with David White). Another bit of unconfirmed gossip came from a producer who was fired from the show claiming he "believed" that Dick was "in love" with Elizabeth and it ticked her off because she was a "harsh woman who hated being loved by anyone." That seems even more ridiculous especially coming from a disgruntled producer who was fired. And no one else ever claimed any such things happened.

Sadly we'll never know as Elizabeth never said anything about Dick York other than it was "a shame" that he had to leave. Dick only said positive things about the show and the cast.
DY & EM were never close and never socialized off the set,they got along ok until about 1966 then his infatuation with her made her uncomfortable, she once stated in an interview that he was all wet.

I believe she viewed him as creepy and icky.
Cast members and crew confirmed York's actions re Liz and her negative reaction.
DY was very close to AM & DW on and off the set.
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