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Originally Posted by tcr1701 View Post
After Dick York left Bewitched he spent about 18 months recuperating at home. Then found he could not get any new roles. Something related: Hayden Roark told Larry Hagman (who wanted to quit I Dream of Jeannie) that if an actor leaves a successful series no one in Hollywood will hire him again (this convinced Larry to remain with Jeannie). Dick York seemed to have faced this exact situation as his leaving was viewed by other producers as quitting a hit show. Suzanne Somers would face this too after her salary battle with Three's Company.

The Yorks also owned rental property but rented to low income resident who often couldn't pay rent. With no money coming in from acting they lost the property. Then Mr.s York's mother became ill and she and Dick permanently left Hollywood to care for her. They worked small odd jobs until Dick attempted a come-back in the 1980s. He did an episode of Fantasy Island and a Simon and Simon before a clerical mistake lost his contact information for casting. Upon being diagnosed with emphysema in the mid to late 1980s Dick retired from acting once again.

There was a story (unconfirmed) that talk show host Tom Snyder wanted to reunite Dick and Elizabeth Montgomery on his talk show in the late 70s, but Elizabeth refused. She did not do personal interviews due to her extreme fear of them. She mentions this fear in a much later interview with John Tesh.
During his brief comeback in the early 1980's DY's back gave out again, this time for good and he never worked again due to this fact and not due to any other.

Re his leaving the show it was widely known in Hollywood in industry circles why he he left and what he was going through all those years on Bewitched, the public didn't know but everyone else did.

He did not work again for about a dozen years simply due to his inability to do so due to his medical condition.
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