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Originally Posted by dwayne986
For what it's worth, "Mayberry R.F.D." was replaced by "Arnie," a show about an intellectual that bombed after one season.
Arnie was not really an intellectual. He was a blue-collar worker who was promoted to management, so he traded in his hardhat for a business suit, so to say.

Actually Arnie lasted two seasons, running 1970-72 on CBS, so it ran on CBS concurrently with Mayberry RFD in its first season. For its second season, CBS premiered it fall 1971 in a strange timeslot for sitcoms, 10:30 PM ET, following My Three Sons, in its twelfth and final season, at 10:00 PM ET. Both shows were moved to other nights before the end of the season.

Another reason for the mass cancellations at CBS (and the other networks as well) was the FCC Prime-Time Access Rule, which went into effect fall 1971 and was meant to encourage more local programming. This rule limited each network to 3 hours primetime programming each night, so each network lost a half-hour of programming from every night of the week. Network primetime used to begin at 7:30 PM ET all nights except for Sunday night (7:00 PM ET start then). After this change, by fall 1972 networks were all beginning their primetime programming a half-hour later than they had prior to fall 1971.
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