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Originally Posted by clj2
You know what went off in my head after I wrote this? Fran's new sitcom debuts on TV Land on June 15th....they may be trying to get the viewers that make The Nanny do well on NAN over to TV Land by airing it at the same time, in turns of hoping that helps her new sitcom.

Nick at Nite could plug something like Family Matters in at 11pm, or even Home Improvement. It went unreported on here, but Nick at Nite has been showing HI some love late nights lately, during the week. It airs 4-6am tonight.
Ah! Good point, that's definitely what they're doing. I didn't think of that. Family Matters would probably get the move to 11pm; I'd be surprised if they promoted Home Improvement that much but Family Matters aired 8-9PM up till September and also at 11PM before that so it has a track record a little there. Roseanne never airs on Nick at Nite anymore, right? Maybe they'll switch that over and sort of do a trade of the two up till (or maybe even after) Fran Drescher's show premieres.
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