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The station which carried reruns locally back in the mid 70s showed a number of second season episodes with an abbreviated opening which started with the still of the barn roof and Eddie singing "Green Acres is the place to be..." then proceeded as normal with the shot of the house and Eddie riding into the shot on the tractor, then the closeup at which point the word "starring" appeared, followed by "Eddie Albert" when it cut back to a long shot as he shifts gears, then "Eva Gabor" over the first shot of Eva throwing open the balcony doors. "created and produced by Jay Sommers" was superimposed over the preverbial penthouse view. After "dahling I love you but give me park avenue" the very next shot is Eddie reaching out to pull Eva off the balcony and into Hooterville--no chores, stores, fresh air or times square! That's the only alternate opening I've ever seen. Other than very, very slight variations from the earliest episodes like Eva's different reading of "I just adore a penthouse view" and indeed a different view being shown as she says it, the full opening was essentially unchanged over the course of six seasons.
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