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Default Deleted Scenes

I've been asked several times about the intro to Happy Days and if the scenes from the intros were simply scenes that were cut from the shows through the years. Many of you have a good idea that most of these scenes were not part of the show but just made for an intro to the show. My next few posts will help clear this up. Let's take a look at a few shots from this first episode and the into scenes that were never part of the show (at least, if they were, they were not added back to the DVDs)

This first shot is the shot where Richie is combing his hair in the bathroom mirror at Arnold's (Arthor's in episode One). The shot moved back to Potsy combing his hair behind him and a guy combing his crew cut behind him.

Second Shot is when the driver puts the top up to his convertable and catches his date's fake pony tail in the process.

Third shot, we find Richie and Potsy double dating at the movie theater. When their hands touch, they both pull their hands back

Fourth shot, Richie and Potsy wave to the waitress and she accidentally dumps the food of tray on the cop.

Fifth scene, Ralph falls out of the car when he goes to kiss his date. ((Wait a minute - take a closed look at the girl!!! Isn't that the girl from a later episode whom Richie has as a study partner and writes "I (heart) (sheep)" on the sidewalk???))

More on this topic in my next post...
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