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Default Re: Happy days dvd

Originally posted by puppylove
Hi thank you so much for anwsering my question. But let me ask you this, in the vary first episode of ALL THE WAY are they actually
showing a scene where richie and postie are playing baseball on the field and tossing the baseball to each other? And who so ever posted a clip of the picture where ralph malph is looking underneath his car is cool, now i have never seen that in the syndication versions especailly the reruns that tv land is running.
When i run out and buy the dvd, i pray and hoped that paramount pictures has edited back the original lost footages that has been cut from the syndicated version, i hate when that happpens, i heard that when happy days ran many years ago, it was a 30 minute show which ran 25 minutes long, and now it is only 22 minutes. I hate that especially the way tv shows are shown now. Ihope season 2 comes out soon too. Let me asked you this one question, i noticed that whenever a classic show like happy days, which has been shown on its original telecast goes into syndication, they cut huges chunks of footages, but when a show comes on to the dvd, how do the company who owns the rights to the series, go back and edited back in the original scenes as well as the original music which has been replaced with generic music or whatever that is? Once again thanks again puppy love
Sorry, that scene you are looking for was gone just for the intro to Happy Days. It was not in the first ep. except for the music intro. The producers did this for several shots like when Al slips and showers Richie with French Fries while the guys are in the booth - also made for the intro. There are many other small takes they use in the intros that are actually part of the show though.
Hope that helps,
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