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Cool February 11, 1963 - Beatles record first album

Forty-one years ago today, the Beatles recorded ten songs in a marathon session that lasted from ten in the morning to ten at night. Together with the four songs that comprised the A and B sides of their first two singles, George Martin complied a fourteen-song album. Please Please Me, the Beatles's first long player, was completed in a day.

Please Please Me, named for the Beatles's first number one single, was quickly recorded and released (on March 22, 1963) to capatialize on the single's success, as was the tradition in Britain and America then. There was one difference between the Beatles's album and other British pop albums of the early sixties - every song on the Beatles's album was meant to be as good as the single, and every song on Please Please Me was. One, their cover of "Twist and Shout," would eventually be a major hit single in America. (The Bealtes didn't issue cover versions as singles in Britain.)
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