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Originally posted by SOLOMON

That's the ADW episode I'm ttying to buy from you. Check the ADW board. Thomas I can see that since the names of the character Florida Evans is consisent but so many other things are not. But i don't know what else I can say because the producer made it clear 28 years ago by saying it wasn't a spinoff
It still does not gel to me. The writer say one thing but the producer says another. Florida Evans was taken from one world and now is in her own. Spinoff is the word that comes to mind. I have a feeling that this topic will never die. LOL. Anyways, I think I do have "M.D.W.T." in my collection but will tape it from Oxygen for you this upcoming Tuesday. BTW, I was wondering if you had that address from the Ebony archives. I am editing the "Baby I'm Back" board on Tv tome and need pics of the cast. Maybe I will find something from there.
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