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Originally Posted by Joe M. Davis View Post
I remember hearing that at one point, there were plans for a Gilligan's Island spin-off in which Gilligan married Mary Ann, the Professor married Ginger, and both couples had kids.

The Disney Channel series That's So Raven at one time planned to give the character Donna Cabonna her own series. It was to have focused on Cabonna and her new intern Symóne (an obvious reference to Raven Symóne).

Pinky, Elmyra, and the Brain, a spin-off of Pinky and the Brain and cross-over with Tiny Toons was brought about by the new heads at Kids WB, who wanted PatB to be more like The Simpsons. WB's decision was to add more characters to the series. The creators of Pinky and the Brain were pretty peeved about this new series. At one point, they even express their anger in the opening theme song ("It's what the network wants. Why bother to complain?")

I remember Diff'rent Strokes had a backdoor pilot involving someone teaching a night school for immigrants.
LMAO! I remember that line it and laughed out loud when I heard it the first time. I love it when shows make fun of the network they're on when they are upset at programming decisions. An episode in the final season of Garfield and Friends had Garfield at the end of the openings saying, 'Next season, we're being replaced by the news so enjoy us while it lasts!"
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