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Originally Posted by TheCars1986
I've never bought into the abduction by biker theory, and since she was last seen hitchiking wouldn't it be more logical to get into a car rather than on the back of a motorcycle? I think she was picked up by sick murderer, and that this was just a random act of violence.
It would seem that it would be quite difficult to abduct someone while on a motorcycle. I mean, you're going to keep the bike upright and going in a straight line while holding a struggling person? We're not talking about a child, either. Amy was fully grown. In the book, it was mentioned that several of the gang members drove vans at times, but since this was "bike week" you'd think they'd all be on their motorcycles.

I'd like to know more about the route Amy took from her home headed to her dad's business. Was it mostly residential? a quaint little downtown area? Of course, bad people can pop up anywhere, but depending on the surroundings, it could point to someone more local and familiar with the area.
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