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Originally Posted by TracyLynnS
Yep, I wanna know about those keys too. Why were they not matched to anyone known to Arnold or those known to his circle of friends? Are they really connected to someone who was a stranger to Arnold?

And now that I'm thinking about it, this is a lot like the Dick Hansen murder. All we have on this story is Tracy's account of what happened. We can't really be sure that Arnold was even driving the car when the accident occured.

It's reported that all three in the car had been drinking. The intersection where the accident happened is supposed to be somewhat isolated. Tracy says something that I think is a bit odd.

In her recollection of the events, she says that Arnold pulled up to the stop sign, he said, out loud, that there were no cars coming, and then he spun out from the stop sign and wrecked the car.

What kind of drunk driver is talking out loud about the road conditions at an out of the way intersection in the middle of the night? Wouldn't most drivers, drunk or sober, just kinda notice that there are no headlights around them and then keep on driving, without giving oral commentary? I think it's weird that Arnold is supposed to have made a statement about the fact that there were no oncoming vehicles.

Unless, they were out fishtailing and doing donuts on purpose. Then, they would have a reason to be looking for oncoming traffic and would mention out loud to each other that there were no cars in the area and it was clear to take off doing wild street tricks. OR if Tracy is making up her story to fit the conditions and is filling in details that she thinks makes sense.

Here are Tracy's words:

We came up to that stop sign. Thatís all I remember is just him looking and, saying there are no cars and him spinning out from the stop sign. And it was just like the snap of a finger and the next thing you know, we ended up in the ditch.

I was upside down in the ditch and Ruby and I was in the car you know. Arnold wasnít in the car. I donít know where he was. Ruby was crying. She was saying oh my God, oh my God. She just kept hitting the car.

The next thing I know, the door, it was open a little ways and she had enough room where she slid out. And then so I was going to reach over and then it was just like that, the door went shut.
I think Tracy should've said more on the Unsolved Mysteries segment...Maybe Tracy is hiding something? ... That does seem odd that Arnold would say that at the intersection. The keys seem to be an important part to the case...
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