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Just to clarify, I believe that Arnold was supposed to have been seen 3 weeks after the accident, around or on New Years, but not months later.

Also, I'm confused about whether or not either one of the victims was frozen to the ground. I thought Ruby was found floating in the recently thawed ditch.

Arnold was found submerged in the same ditch. They said that he wasn't frozen to the ground, yet he's fully under the water. I wonder if the ditch was only partially thawed and Arnold was under a layer of ice, keeping his body from being discovered.

I think it's really odd that a heavy set young man like Arnold would not be floating, but a quite badly decomped body like Ruby was.

In Ruby's case, was it just her clothing that was frozen to the ground? Maybe she was originally in the same condition as Arnold, but in a freeze/thaw cycle she ended up with her body floating and some of her clothes frozen to the ground.

Since they had to pump a lot of water out of the ditch to find Arnold, yet Ruby was supposedly frozen to the ground, I think a freeze/thaw cycle could explain some of that. Especially since she was at the top of the ditch and that's where it's going to freeze first, as soon as cold temperatures come back, and Arnold was found fully underwater, not frozen to anything.
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