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The woman who said she saw arnold in the car passed her polygraph (believing that she really saw him) and the people who were actually in the car with "arnold" failed their polygraphs.

What does that mean? Did the cops ask, "Was arnold in the car with you?" and they lied and said, "No." when arnold really was with them. Or did they lie and say "Yes" when they knew that the guy with them really wasn't arnold. I'm confused on why they failed their polys.

Arnold and Ruby were found only 75 feet from where their car crashed. Yet Ruby was supposedly already showing signs of extreme hypothermia (imo) by having her shoes off. Unless she had been walking around for a long time, and then finally ending back near the car, that wouldn't make any sense.

For Ruby to be suffering from extreme hypothermia, she would have to have been outside a lot longer than it takes to walk just 75 feet from the car. If the hypothermia doesn't explain the missing shoes, what does? Could she have been walking around in deep snow and they were pulled off her feet?
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