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She might have honestly thought she saw Arnold, yet it was someone else. This could be why she passed the lie detector. It's not a lie if you think you are telling the truth. But I still think she saw someone else.
Always a possibility, but you couple this with the possibility that Arnold was not wearing the same clothes and the fact that his body was not frozen to the ground and was in excellent condition as opposed to Ruby.

Also with the bizarre reason why Arnold was not in the car and rescued one person but left the other...

Also pair that with the tuft of hair of Rubys found.

..the evidence starts to lead to to the bodies being place in the ditch at different times.

Not to mention how the heck could several police and volunteers they miss TWO heavyset people in that ditch?

Keep in mind the only witness we have to the events of the accident is the cousin(?). For all we know the car may have been run off the road by someone.
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