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Originally Posted by Bonniegirl View Post
Dick Cox is Dick Sargeant from Bewitched real name!! It really is! I remember when I learned this , I was a little girl , well not THAT little, maybe more going on pre teen cause I knew about "things " at this point and it was from a talk show ! Must have been a Friday night or a summer night cause my Sister and I were up watching ! I don't think it was Johnny Carson, my parents usual , they would watch Dick Cavett if Johnny's guests weren't that exciting! IDK but it really didn't seem it was Johnny Carson!

Anyway to make a long story short Dick Sargeant said his real name was Dick Cox , and the host said why did you change it , and Dick stammered and than said " Well , at the time Wally Cox was getting popular" !! Me and my Sister were cracking up but more like nervously giggling cause our Dad was right there in the room watching with us!!!
Great story Bonniegirl.

Tim Allen's (Home Improvement, Last Man Standing) real name is Tim Dick. No truth to the rumours that he has three sisters named Amanda, Anita, and Ima though.
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