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Originally Posted by opus View Post
That's the fourth Valerie related Max I can think of. Our Max, Ernie B, Peter Falk in the Christmas movie, and Carl Reiner is Max on Hot In Cleveland. Did you notice 3 of those characters in the more recent projects are old men? Is Max an old guys name now?

IDK?? That is a good question! To be honest , I really in my whole life have never personally known anyone named Max besides a pet! I swear, I have known dogs and cats named Max and TV/movie characters but I really have never met a boy or a man named Max!!! Maxwell Smart, Max Horvath, Maxwell Sheffield ( The Nanny) and the ones you listed. Seems to be a popular name for a character or a pet but well like I said I never knew any guy in real life named Max!

Max was also the name of the Son in the George Lopez show , also in the movie" Krampas" the Son was named Max, both little boys, not older men but again fictional !

Have you ever known anyone in real life named Max?
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