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Originally Posted by MacLeaper
"The Art of Being Nick" was indeed aired in the late '80s, but never picked up as a series. I want to say it was 1987 when it aired. Also, "The Greatest American Heroine" aired on NBC in 1986 as a pilot for a possible series, as far as I know, but the series was never picked up. It is available on Anchor Bay's 1st. Season DVD release of "The Greatest American Hero" and I think it's pretty fun. It was actually the first episode of "The Greatest American Hero" I ever got to see before finally going back and watching all the episodes on DVD. It's a fun spin-off attempt, but it just isn't the same without Ralph and Bill together.
I'd still like to see this Family Ties spin-off pilot, "The Art of Being Nick", someday.
That would make a nice "extra" for a Family Ties season dvd set.
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