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Originally Posted by DALLASTEXAN!! View Post
I'm happy it is coming back. It won't be 1989 version, but I don't care. I got my Amazon Prime to comfort me.
This right here.

Nothing and no one will ever touch what Robert Stack did. If I go into it expecting to watch a lost episode of the NBC era I'm going to be disappointed.

I would HOPE they learned from the mistakes of the Spike hackery, though on the flip side it's the only version that current average viewers likely know since it's all that gets replayed on TV. (I don't get Lifetime not airing their own version) I'm just going to remain optimistic until I have a reason not to be, and I've already disowned one remake and replayed the OG into the ground I'll do it again if it warrants it.

Netflix has been killing it with the crime docs lately. The Innocent Man, Murder Mountain, Evil Genius, and obviously Making a Murderer, they've all been well produced without a google map in site
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