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Originally Posted by Jon View Post
Given that this revival will be from the producer of Stranger Things and the popularity of 80s/90s nostalgia is as high as ever, I'd expect this version to be celebratory of the original style of the show.
My thoughts exactly. When I first saw this was the case, I got super excited because Iím sure they will do it right. Iím sure some things will be updated. Personally, Iíd love to see the re-enactments done on 16mm film as the early seasons were. It gives it that gritty, grainy, creepy look to it. But I know they will likely be shooting all digital. But I am just glad to have the series back.

As far as run time, I think longer segments will be fine. As I said before, with binge watching a thing now, I think it really wonít be a big deal. Most will sit and watch the season over a weekend anyway so who cares if itís only one story per episode? I say just think of the entire season as one big episode with -2 segments. Just skip to the next episode if you donít like the segment/episode that is on.
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