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most creepy things:

-Kevin hughes' killer runing from one side to the other. The WWII cap without possibility of tracing its origin.
-Angie Hammond's abductor pick up truck with the fish in the window. The boyfriend hearing the abductor saying "I din't need to use the telephone".
-The other cases related to Angie Hammond: the picture of the lady in her wedding dress
-Carol's attacker: the misterious black pick up truck moving and blocking her way.
-Patricia Meehan standing in the fence, looking at the other woman and then vanishing into the night
-The graffiti about Rachel Runyan
-The guy searching for the "beast" in the middle of the desert, with the scary flut sounding
-I-70 killer entering the shops and shooting people without provocation
-The possible picture of Tara Calico handcuffed
-Cindy James seeing only her attacker's shoes
-Richard Boocklage's letter to Tania's parents. The fact that he sent it before the murder took place.
-All the cases of covenience store clerks abducted or killed. That guy with the Megadeth T -Shirt.
-The Arsonist's voice. The guy founding the VHS with other heavy metal stuff.
-The guy appearing from nowhere and abucting Nyleen Kay Marshall.
-Keith Reinhard and Tom Young leaving to the mountains. The fact that the two lived in the same house. The fact that Keith's novel was about Tom.
-Cindy Anderson vanishing and leaving a book open in a specific page related to an abduction
-Chaim Weiss teacher saying the students to go to bed and saying "its Halloween"
-Diana Robertson and her husband being murderd on the forest, in the middle of nowhere.
-The son of Dorothy Donovan looking at the guy running to his house
-Phillip Fraser's killer entering the car and the girl saying "he's going to regret the day..."
-The mayority of places where Robert Stack appeared (dark castles or old buildings, etc.)
-Kristi Krebs vanishing in the forest. The fact that she had a similar incident with a car before.
-Frank Boomer (I don't remember the name), an american soldier maybe taken to the soviet union

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