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Post This is a Really Cool Article...

Country Music's Sylvia Returns With New Music And A New Outlook On Life
By Dustin Fitzharris

Whether it’s in a coffee shop, a park or in her South Nashville home, Life Coach Sylvia Hutton spends her days advising people on their personal and professional lives. Some of her clients are considering a career change, going through a divorce, experiencing loss or a host of other kinds of issues. Hutton says she provides a safe space for people to be heard without judgment.

But Sylvia has a secret. These days few people know Sylvia was once a Grammy-nominated artist for her smash hit song “Nobody.” She was also the Academy of Country Music’s 1982 Female Vocalist of the Year. There was a time Sylvia was everywhere, touring as one of the most successful country music acts of that time. She even made a guest appearance on American Bandstand.

Now, after a 14-year absence, Sylvia has released*It’s All in the Family, a collection of storytelling songs that pays homage to her family’s musical roots and delves into the twists and turns of her life. Sylvia says the CD is her most personal yet. Not only did Sylvia co-produce it, she co-wrote nine of the 12 songs.

In the 1980’s Sylvia’s style and girlish charm resembled Sheena Easton far more than Tammy Wynette. A series of hit records like “Tumbleweed,” “The Matador” and her first number one, “Drifter,” made Sylvia one of the most celebrated artists in country music. But nothing could prepare her for the frenzy she created when she said to her man,*“Your Nobody called today; she hung up when I asked her name; well, I wonder, does she think she’s being clever?”*The song “Nobody” not only shot straight to the top of the country charts, it crossed over onto the pop charts and went on to sell two million copies.

To read the complete article, please click on the link below.
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