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I really like this case. I find it strangely romantic that they decided to jump together. How loyal must a wife be to stick with her husband after this awful crime.

I do love all these theories. My least favorite is that he pushed his wife off to make it appear they both died together. In the videos on UM they looked so loved up together I just cant see him turning on her like that.

I really hope that the one where they throw the weights off the bridge then jump in hoping to swim to safety, to trick the authorities. Unfortunately it appears that Ellena didnt make it.

To me Adam didnt seem like a too bad of a guy. If he did survive and go on to live a life on the run it is pretty amazing!

Like someone said earlier why would they be so fussed and haggle on the price of food / weights if you were going to kill your self? Maybe they withdrew X amount of funds from their bank to go on the run with and after they cut up they cards they needed to be tight with cash. That would explain it to me pretty perfectly.
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