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Originally Posted by TracyLynnS
If they really were wearing the dive weights, tho, there's no way they could have survived to swim to shore. Maybe they threw the dive weights in and then jumped hoping to make it to shore.

My opinion is that they most likely both jumped and only one has been partially recovered, but I think it is very weird that they were haggling over the price of the dive weights and had their last meal at a fast food restaurant.

If I were planning to commit suicide, I don't think food would be on my mind at all and I definitely know I wouldn't be complaining about being overcharged for the item I was going to use to take myself out with. Who cares how much it costs? Weird.

Unless Adam and Elaina figured that once their estate was settled, more money would go to their heirs if the credit card bill was cheaper, but sheesh, what's a few bucks, it's not like they were arguing over something that cost thousands of dollars. He was probably just a control freak or so self important that he wanted what he wanted on his terms, even until the end.

Do you happen to know if they ever found the weights? I don't recall if they ever found them. I assumed they bought them for show for the media, to make everyone think they were committing suicide. Then after they bought them got rid of them, like you said, they wouldn't be able to swim with the weights. Perhaps they just tossed them either in the water before jumping, but wouldn't investigators search the bottom of the river? Surely if they tossed the weights in the river, they'd be found.Perhaps they tossed them in the dumpster at that fast food restaurant? It's a long shot but just a thought.
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