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Originally Posted by TheCafeDisco
I re-watched this case the other day. I always just assumed it was a suicide pact and they didn't locate Adam's body.

But when re-watching it ( I believe it was a ferina episode.) I remember they said that Adam and Elena went out to a fast food restaurant before they were seen on the bridge. Now, this may sound silly but if I were going to make a suicide pact with someone, my last meal wouldn't be from a fast food joint.

Now, I am thinking maybe they were planning on just making it look like a suicide. Perhaps they jumped, hoping they would be able to survive the water, swimming to shore to make a new life for themselves. Maybe Elena accidentally drowned or died on impact and Adam survived swimming away? I don't know enough details to remember if anyone looked at this possibility.
I've always kind of thought this might have been a faked suicide attempt a la Robert Carrado. I think I'm more open to the possibility that Adam pushed Elena from the bridge than most seem to be. I think if he was desperate enough to want to avoid prison at all costs, and violent enough to brutally murder someone over something as ridiculous as the reason he killed Jason Bass, I definitely think he could be capable of using his wife in this awful manner to cover his tracks.
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