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Originally Posted by Victoria81
I believe they jumped and he somehow, 1 wasn't found, 2 the bone height was miscalculated and he was there..
That's a good point I hadn't thought of about the bone height.

In any event, I always felt that they committed suicide together and Adam's body, for whatever reason, was missed by the search and rescue. Or, as you alluded to, the unidentified bones found might actually be his.

I think I've said before on here, and it's a controversial POV, but I think Adam Emery snapped in the heat of the moment and his killing of Jason Bass was an impulsive "crime of passion" type scenario that could have probably been avoided if Emery just took a minute to calm down and realize the consequences of his actions.

To throw his wife from the bridge or otherwise entice her to "jump first" knowing that he would not do so himself, the guy would have to be one cold SOB. Not impossible, especially given what happened with Jason Bass. Yet, considering that Elena was his wife, and that there was no other known history of violence that I'm aware of, and going by the known facts, the double suicide just always felt right to me.
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