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Originally Posted by Oldschooler81
But anyway, I'm Street-Viewing Avenue A as we speak, and it's definitely not where they filmed the other houses. It looks like mostly small farmhouses and mobile homes. Chances are, Mark & Christi didn't have an upstairs. Although it's a really small town (with even less stuff in 1987) and being late at night, there is a chance nobody would've heard her screaming or fighting with Mark.
Right. This happened during the work week as well, so there were probably relatively few people awake at that hour early on a Friday morning--not to mention the very chilly temperature typical of Nebraska in December that would compel most people to remain indoors.

It's interesting and eye opening how UM left out the fact that they'd gotten into a fight at his parents' house even before they went out. Makes you wonder why she'd go out with him again, or chance being alone with him? It's just very sad that she made that one mistake when she was almost free of Mark.
I feel so terribly for her, her family, and her children. There's no question in my mind she was a spousal abuse victim and that it ultimately caused her demise.
"Why is she lying?, it makes me wonder. What is she hiding?, it makes me wonder."

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