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This is pretty interesting...I was listening to my favorite radio show, the Armstrong & Getty show, via the podcast today and during the show a guy named "Matt from San Francisco" called and brought up the Kurt McFall case and claimed Kurt was his cousin.

THE CASE IS NOT DISCUSSED AT ALL BEYOND THE BRIEF MENTION but I just that it was pretty random. If you're interested, the guy "Matt" calls in at about 19:30 of ANG072307. Then a guy "Vincent" representing the Society of Creative Anachronism calls up to defend the club at about 34:30 and the hosts rib him pretty good. You can get it here: Armstrong and Getty 072307-8am

All that aside, I would recommend these guys to EVERYONE who even slightly enjoys talk radio. They're both mid-western guys who relocated here to Sacramento about 10 years ago and now are broadcasting throughout the Central Valley and Bay Area. Conservative people think they're way too liberal and liberal people think they're way too conservative...which, to me, means they're just perfect.
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