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Originally Posted by marahnna
I have a friend who is mad about the Bonnie Wilder segment - I'd actually never seen it until he'd found a copy of it on a certain infamous video website and showed it to me (at least, not that I recall). He mentioned that since the authorities are no longer looking for her, that was probably why her case was omitted from the re-release, although I specifically remember other cases (the phony psychic was one - someone help me out with her name, please, Ann something-or-other) that were left in and it was specifically stated that the authorities were no longer looking for the suspect, so...

I'm SO bummed at the omission of L'Enfant. That one always scared the crap out of me. I loved it. Also, I'm also on Season 6, but I haven't run into the Dub Wackerhagen segment yet. That was one of my favorites. Is that upcoming?
Bonnie was caught later on and went to jail for identity theft or something like that. UM Wiki has all the information
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