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Part 2.

I decided to make Dave the Main Character as I felt Dave was a much more interesting Character than Darryl was and was my original Character and not slightly based on my twist on a Michael Jackson Character.

I made a whole story out of Dave telling Darryl he used to be a Cocaine Addict. The Cocaine Addict was part of a Trilogy that I didn't think it would turn into at first. In the Cocaine Addict, Darryl got hooked on Cocaine after his Friend, Freddie gave him a little Cocaine when he realized Dave wasn't really enjoying himself at a party. I originally envisioned Dave hesitating to take Cocaine, but I wrote that Dave immediately said,"Sure," and Freddie gave him some to get him to enjoy himself more at the party.

Dave felt GREAT after taking some Cocaine and quickly warmed up, felt alive, and became the life of the party, enjoying himself. After the party, Dave asked Freddie where he got the Cocaine and Freddie mischievously asked him if he wanted more. Dave tried to deny it, but Freddie knew he wanted more and told him he got it from a Drug Dealer named Mr. X and Dave questioned the name and Freddie pointed out that Drug Dealers don't use their real names which Dave understood and Freddie asked Dave if he wanted to meet Mr. X. Dave once again tried to deny it, but Freddie once again knew he wanted to and Dave kind of implied he was interested.

Freddie led him to a shady looking man in his 30's who was wearing a Hoodie. Freddie told him his Friend Dave was interested in trying Cocaine and Dave once again tried to deny that he wanted to try Cocaine, but Mr. X saw right through it and gave Dave a free line of Cocaine. Dave snorted it and felt GREAT again and greedily asked for more. Mr. X said only the first line was free, but he'd sell him a bag of Cocaine for $10. Dave gave him $10(I had no idea how much a bag of Cocaine was as I had never bought Cocaine and still haven't, so I thought $10 was a good estimate. I was later told a bag of Cocaine is a LOT more than just $10 and is more like $100, .

Dave snorted that bag in his Dorm and was getting REALLY addicted. He even dreamed about Cocaine. He bought more bags from Mr. X, using extra money his Parents sent him. When that money ran out, he stole from his Schoolmates to buy more bags of Cocaine. He was snorting about 20 times a day, going to the "Bathroom," way more often than he usually did. Teachers were getting suspicious, but he claimed he had a Bladder Control Problem and they didn't completely believe him, but let the matter drop.

George and Rob caught Dave snorting Cocaine and mocked his drug addiction saying something like,"That's where the stolen money went to. Let's beat the stolen money out of him!" Dave tried to run but George and Rob quickly caught up to him and beat him up. Dave snorted more Cocaine to feel better.

One day, he had a trace of Cocaine that he forgot to snort that was on his Bookbag. Dean Riley, the Headmaster of MJA confronted Dave about the Cocaine. Dave claimed that the Cocaine wasn't his and he didn't know who's Cocaine it was. Dean Riley let it go for a couple of days before he saw Dave snorting Cocaine. Dean Riley told Dave he had a problem.. Dave feebly claimed he was snorting Baby Powder and then convulsed for a few seconds (I was not nor am I a Cocaine Addict, so I just guessed that maybe Cocaine makes people convulse, )

Dean Riley searched Dave's Dorm and found 5 more bags of Cocaine and questioned the "Baby Powder," Dave looked at the ground and asked if he was going to go to jail. Dean Riley said he wasn't going to go to jail, but he would be going to Drug Rehab. Dave begun to move around like a madman and screamed at Dean Riley to give him his Cocaine and burst into tears, acknowledging that he was a Drug Addict. Dean Riley wiped his tears and threw away Dave's Cocaine. Dave tried to go into the garbage to get the Cocaine back but Dean Riley stopped him and said something like,"You have proved you have a big problem." You're going to Drug Rehab tomorrow. I'll tell The School you are on Vacation. They don't have to know you are in Drug Rehab.

Dave reluctantly agreed, and the next day, Dean Riley put him in Drug Rehab and paid for it. At Dave's first meeting, he claimed he wasn't a Drug Addict and didn't know why he was there. The Counselor pointed out that everybody in the group were Drug Addicts and wouldn't judge him. The other Drug Addicts confirmed they were Drug Addicts and wouldn't judge Dave and Dave let his guard down.

The other Drug Addicts admitted that they turned to drugs because of rape, neglect, and abuse. Dave claimed he became a Drug Addict because Freddie offered the Cocaine to him and felt kind of bad because he became a Drug Addict because it was offered to him by Freddie whereas the other Drug Addicts had better reasons for becoming Drug Addicts. The Counselor asked Dave if there was a deeper reason and Dave mentioned that George and Rob were bullies who constantly beat him up and the Counselor was like,"George and Rob are the real reason you became a Drug Addict. He said that George and Rob were Dave's real X Factors for his drug Addiction, negative things.

Max and Dave's Parents were his A Factors, Positive things in his life. Dave claimed that Max was his Best Friend. Later Denny(I was hungry and Denny's Restaurant and a Grand Slam were on my mind when I named this Character, saw Dave kiss a picture of Max and Dave blushed and Denny told him not to worry about it as they really didn't care about Sexual Preferences or Orientations, just cared about beating Drug Addictions. Dave once again relaxed and Denny mentioned Max was cute(I wanted to put a possibility that Denny himself was Gay, and Dave laughed and pointed out that Max was his.

Dave stayed in the Drug Rehab for 2 weeks before the was deemed basically a non Drug Addict, and was basically deemed ready to "Graduate," from the Drug Rehab but his Final Test was REALLY hard. I wrote that the Rehabilitation Staff left something that looked suspiciously like Cocaine to see if Dave would snort it. In my mind, this was NOT Cocaine, it was actually baby powder, but if Dave would snort the baby powder, it would prove he wasn't fully Rehabilitated yet and was still a Drug Addict and would have to stay longer. He thought of how he could go home today to Max, who he really missed of he resisted the urge to snort the baby powder which looked like Cocaine.

He willed himself hard to not give in and snort it and didn't do it and got his Diploma, "Graduating," and went home to Max where he lost his virginity to. I made it tender, with them kissing, caressing, etc, and then the real lovemaking happened and Dave was happy he did it and they fell asleep in each other's arms.

The next day, George and Rob made fun of Dave for being a Drug Addict and claimed he was a drug addict and Dave honestly replied he wasn't and they asked if Dave was in Drug Rehab for those two weeks. Dean Riley told the school that Dave was on a Vacation and Dave upheld the Vacation lie claiming he went to vacation in the Caribbean and went swimming in the Caribbean Sea, ate Griot, sucked on sugar canes, and danced in different Caribbean Countries knowing it was a lie.

Max got Dave to admit to him that he was in Rehab for those two weeks, not on Vacation in the Caribbean and got him to admit he stole $500 from the Students for his Drug Addiction. Max suggested he get a part time job in the School Library in order to pay back the students. Dean Riley confirmed he thought this was a good idea and Dave worked in the School Library and paid back the Students anonymously. Max was proud of him and the Students were delighted to get their money back.
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