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Those are just a few, and none of them have been convicted of any of the crimes that we've "tried" them for and "convicted" them of. Not to mention, openly stating which form of punishment we believe they deserve for their "crimes".

If it gets as serious as persuing legal action against us, we can be tracked through our ISPs if we are posting from home, and be easily identified. Once the first person gets convicted for posting that they think Joe Schmoe is as "guilty as homemade sin", that's it. I'm unplugging from the net and going back to playing solitaire.
Heck Paul Pollis, could rack up lawsuits against the whole board!

That could keep him in cleaning materials for years.

i know we all like to play detective on this board, but I have not lost the site that everything on this board is speculation and theory tossing. Regardless of anyone';s background, were all pretty much playing detective, were not real sleuths.

This board is pure fun and joy for people who share mutual joy of Unsolved Mysteries

I seriously doubt any of us will actually personally solve any of these cases.

Personally yuppielawyer if your looking to solve cases for real, might be a better choice, if your not already on them.
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