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And what do you base that on? Do you have some inside information on what investigation was done into his history as a cop?
we could both easily ask the Atlantic City Police about the investigation and find out if there was an investigation into Gary Grant's background or if Gary Grant has received complaints or reprimands . Who knows what they would give us, but you never know. Your a lawyer, you probably have more pull with a police department than I would.

One other reason why I think police corruption might be a strong possibility is the fact that Boo Mason(sp?) was so quickly railroaded into a confession.

It seemed a lot like the cops were looking for a very quick way to end the case, based on no evidence on Boo. That interregation was either handled poorly or those detectives were told to bring a quick close to the investigation. Boo seems a perfect target in my opinion. Retarded boy takes the rap, he goes to a mental home or nothing at all. Gary is happy knowing that his son;s killer is found. Gary doesn;t blame Boo because of his mental incapacity, no need to investigate anybody else.

a nice, quick, clean case.
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