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Originally Posted by XCalibur
You all forgetting, if the psychic was right, and Rob had a woman's help getting rid of the body, then she would know to. I wonder if the woman he married after Pam's dissapearance was ever checked out?
true, if a woman did help him then she would know and likely be charged, but finding her will be hard. i do think Rob did it, but he's not going to give info out now, he can't.
Originally Posted by TheCars1986
Rob admitting to typing the letter sealed the deal for me. I was actually leaning towards her running off, but when UM revealed he forged the note I was sure he did something to her. Have there been any new updates in this case?
i was leaning to her running off to UNTIL the story became false with him claiming this and that like his distinctive truck being parked somewhere and of course writing the letter. NOW you asked about any updates in this case. Well the update i know of is that you CANT charge Rob Page because he's dead. Other than that and the fact police ruled him out, no new updates.
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