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Originally Posted by TeeVeeCloset
Looks like MPI is getting ready for their Here's Lucy releases by starting with the fantasitic "Lucy & Desi: A Home Movie".....announced for February 2009 with loads of extras including bloopers, rare desi & lucy TV appearances and much more. This special has previously only been available on VHS, it is a heartwarming and touching documentary which features home movies, the most touching is scenes of lucy & desi in a swimming pool together with their grandchild. it shows the love that had for eachother never faded...I highly recommend this as a must purchase!

This is EXCELLENT news! Ever since I left the library field and no longer see all the listings of new books/DVDs and so on, I am so out of the loop! But I thank goodness for forums like this! Mind if I ask where you found this information?
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