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In my opinion, some traders take on wayyyy too much and end up keeping people waiting too long. When I first started trading a couple of years ago, I "thought" I could not turn down trades - or postpone trades because I was afraid if I told someone that I need to wait - they might find the show they wanted from me and get it from another trader. Then I wouldn't have anything they wanted and that trade would be forever lost. I did eventually realize that I can/will always find what I'm looking for somewhere else if I let a trade slip through my fingers. I HATE having a pile of dvds in front of me that I need to copy. Even worse, keeping people waiting too long.

Sitcomsonline is turning into a giant "gripe" session. This board is not what it was when I began trading and unless people get back to trading issues and stop the name calling, the good traders are going to slowly, but surely - find other places to trade. I sure would hate to see this happen, so - people, PLEASE stop the direct attacks on each other - and get back to trading. It's ok for people to post their want lists, trade lists, good trader checks, bad trader alerts, etc. There is no reason to attack them just because you feel they should research before posting. It is not a big deal to look through the threads and find the ones you want to read.

Finally, before you shoot darts at me for pointing this out - think about what you are writing before you click on the "submit reply" button, re-read what you have written - and consider if you are about to contribute to the board's current decline in good, fun trading

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