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Originally Posted by 25yeartrader
Greetings all,

As a trading veteran of 25 years (Beta, VHS, S-VHS, mini-DV, DVD) and a lurker here since it's inception, I've been quite amused by alot of traders on this site (Senior members and newbies) who think they know it all when it comes to trading. It's quite laughable really. Complete sets, incomplete sets, badly recorded episodes, false advertising, not receiving your package on time, who's a good and bad trader, etc... I have more than 25,000 titles on 5 formats. I've even bought the complete inventory of 3 video stores that went out of business in the late 90's, so believe me, I've seen and heard it all.

The main reason I'm posting here for the VERY FIRST TIME, is one, I'm the most private of traders, two, I have mostly everything there is to have and three, I don't need to trade online with anyone since I already have a steady trading list of over 200 people that I trade with from all over the world.
It's not only amazing, it's incomprehensible why any trade for any amount of tapes or discs would take longer than 2 weeks to arrive. I shake my head everytime I read a post where someone states that it's OK for a package to take 4 months, 3 months, 2 months, 1 month, hell, even 3 weeks for a package to arrive. In my two decades and a half of trading, I always receive my package within 2 WEEKS!!!! Most of the time, within a week!!! I, on the other hand, go out of my way to ensure that I ship out a package so it arrives within 2 WEEKS, most of the time, the other party gets their package in a week (since I use priority mail and air mail ONLY). And get this, I have a wife and a job that requires 60 hours of my time per week. I don't have multiple recorders or dubbing machinary, just your basic set-up.

So before I go back into the darkness of lurking, remember this, in the REAL world called planet earth, regardless of how many jobs, kids, dogs, deaths in the family, etc...there is NO WAY IN HELL a package coming or going to the U.S., Canada, the UK, Asia or Europe should take more than 2 weeks. If it does and you're foolish, naive or lame enough to allow it to happen, then shame on only one person...YOU!

Buh-bye all,
Nicolas Drazen
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