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Originally Posted by soilentgreen
Good question, since they never returned for the older sister. There's no evidence that the father had any connection to these two individuals. If they were friends of the family as they claimed when they were confronted by the staff, why were none of the relatives ever contacted? If their story was truthful, there's no reason for Joan Gay to have disappeared - they would have taken her to one of the hospitals under her proper name (as they knew it) or they would have contacted her family.

I wonder if perhaps Joan Gay's father Mr. Croft may have asked for his daughter via a 3rd individual who, in turn happened to see these two men and these two men were not from the area but were passing through yet took the task because they could have used the monies re carrying it out. The men would have known about Joan Gay so they could have asked for her. Then their own vehicle may have gotten into a one-car collision with it going straight into a flooded ditch/pond that no one else may have noticed during the chaos and the three of them drowned. Then, with no one noticing the accident and the site being underwater or eventually having sod shift over it, no one would has ever found the car. And if the two men were unknown in the area, it's also possible that whatever family or friends of theirs may have had no idea of their travels and wouldn't have looked for them in Oklahoma. Has anyone ever checked on whether two men from other parts of the country could have turned up missing at the same time as Joan Gay? Did anyone ask Mr. Croft if he DID ask anyone to retrieve his daughter. Perhaps whoever Mr. Crofth may have asked (IF he did) may have asked felt so ashamed that they'd entrusted two strangers with the task so they never admitted their own role.
I have nothing to base this on but it wouldn't be the first time folks with good intentions may have still wound up dead/missing with no one knowing their fates.
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