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Originally Posted by Mastermind
You can seriously buy action figures online of:

1. Mothman
2. James Earl Ray
3. Zodiac Killer
4. Unabomber
5. Billy the Kid
6. Bugsy Seigel
7. Robert Stack in Unsolved Mystery's wear
8. Elliot Ness ( as either Kevin Costner or Robert Stack)
9. Skunk Ape
10. BigFoot
11. A Grey (Roswell, Allagash Abductions)
12. Ogopogo
13. Oliver the Humanzee
14. Sirhan Sirhan
15. The entire Ramsey Family murder Playset (don;t ask!! )
16. Gettysburg Ghosts (courtesy of Todd that jerk needs more money... )
17. Men In Black (not figures from the movie)
18. DB Cooper (actually comes with a packable working parachute AND removable ray-bans.)
19. The entire Romanov family complete with mad cleric Rasputin.
20. Whitey Bulger (someone actually made action figures of the FBIs 10 most wanted...includes Osama Bin Ladin!!!)
21. Victor Guerana (form the same set as Whitey Bulger)
22. Son of Sam (from a line of serial killer action figures....comes with his "posessed" dog!!!)
23. Sonny Liston (from a Muhammad Ali set. There is also one of great Heavyweight fighters)
24. Somewhere out there is an action figure of Virginia Madsen from the movie Candyman.
25. Dennis Farina was immortilized as an action figure twice (Get Shorty, Law and Order)
You forgot Danny Wheeler, although none are from his UM appearance. They're all from his basketball days.
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