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(a) Re: Boggs, I really need to see that episode. I think he later succumbed to AIDS (Boggs) if I am correct. The whole crime was an awful ordeal in planning. How did the doctor think that nobody would find out the truth? The EMS learned it after showing up and noticing the body's rigor mortis.

(b) I know Matthew Chase has been discussed several times as being gay. I have the same feeling too, and myself also being gay, I felt bad for his parents. I feel that they probably knew nothing about their son's lifestyle, until they returned to California after he disappeared. Of course, like most of this stuff on here, it is just speculation. But Oregon was a pretty conservative state in the 1980s and I know he wasn't from Portland.

I was born in the 1980s and grew up in the bible belt. Where I am from, gay people were considered perverts. Because AIDS was so rampant at that time period, and the 1990s, people also associated it with Leprosy. It doesn't surprise me in hindsight that UM avoided the topic. I think all of this is educational to future generations who will never understand how off topic the subject of homosexuality really was during that period.
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