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New York City Sun, June 30, 1957
from New York Herald-Tribune

8:00 Agriculture USA
8:30 Big Picture "Above the Best"
9:00 News/Weather
9:15 Our Goodly Heritage "Jonah, the Reluctant Prophet"
9:30 The Way to Go
10:00 Lamp Unto My Feet (profile of Catholic leader Jesus Parades who died earlier that year in a plane crash that also killed the Philippines' President)
10:30 Look Up & Live "The Seeking Years" (pt 5)
11:00 Eye on New York
11:30 Camera Three "Castaways"
noon Let's Take a Trip (Harry S Truman guides viewers on a tour of the Truman Library in Independence, MO)
12:30 Wild Bill Hickok
1:00 Cartoon Show
1:30 Sunday Picture "Gallant Journey"
3:00 Late Matinee "The Elusive Pimpernel"
4:30 Stu Erwin
5:00 Face the Nation (Project Vanguard director Dr. John Hogan)
5:30 World News Roundup
6:00 The Last Word
6:30 You are There "The Fall of Fort Sumter"
7:00 Lassie
7:30 My Favorite Martian "Jury Duty"
8:00 Ed Sullivan (guests the Everly Brothers, Bonnie Gultar, Nancy Whiskey, Frances Farmer (in her TV debut), David & Reese & Joe, the University of Georgia Glee Club, and the Kirby Stone Four)
9:00 GE Theater "The Road That Led Afar"
9:30 Alfred Hitchcock Presents "Fog Closing In"
10:00 $64,000 Challenge
10:30 What's My Line?
11:00 Sunday News Special
11:15 Late Show "Test Pilot"
1:32 Late Late Show "No Place for a Lady"

7:00 Modern Farmer "Green Promise"
8:00 Sunday Schedule
11:30 Ask the Camera
noon Hopalong Cassidy "Lawless Legacy"
12:30 Ask Congress (guest Sen. H. Alexander Smith (R-NJ))
1:00 Special Broadcast (Norman Rockwell travels the world)
1:15 Passport "Travel in the Soviet Union"
1:30 WRCA-TV Presents "The Proud Years"
2:00 Mayor's Conference
2:30 Feature Film "Kangaroo Kid"
3:30 Watch Mr. Wizard "Fun with Curved Mirrors"
4:00 Youth Wants to Know
4:30 Zoo Parade "The Struggle for Survival"
5:00 Frontiers of Faith "Our Wonderful Consellor" (guest Dr. Robert R. Howard, Park Cities Church, Dallas)
5:30 Outlook (guest Dr. Joseph Kaplan)
6:00 Meet the Press (Japanese Ambassador to the US Kaichiro Asakai)
6:30 Cowboy Theatre "Gallant Defender"
7:30 Circus Boy "Casey Runs Again"
8:00 Steve Allen (guests NYC Mayor Wagner, Bob Hope, George Jessel, Dean Martin, Vera Miles, Alexis Smith, and the Singing Azidentals)
9:00 Goodyear Playhouse "Legacy" (c)
10:00 Loretta Young "You're Driving Me Crazy"
10:30 Movie 4 "Monsoon" (c)
11:00 News
11:10 Movie 4 cont'd (c)
12:20 Midnight Movie "One Minute to Twelve"

WABD 5-DuMont
10:00 Wonderama
10:45 Magic Clown
11:00 Wonderama
11:30 Pet Center Show
noon Looney Tunes
12:30 Between the Lines
1:00 James Mason
1:15 TBA
1:30 Sunday Playhouse "Cry Danger"
3:00 Warner Brothers Film "Smart Girls Don't Talk"
5:00 Gangbusters "The Van Meter Case"
5:30 Three Musketeers "The King's Trump"
6:00 Great Gildersleeve "The Water Commissioner's Water Color"
6:30 Mickey Rooney "Mickey and the Giant Killer"
7:00 Frontier "The Captivity of Joe Long"
7:30 Mr. & Mrs. North "Salt in His Blood"
8:00 Science-Fiction Hour "Lost Continent"
9:00 Warner Brothers Film (replay of 3pm film)
10:45 Drew Pearson
11:00 Story Playhouse "Terror Street"

8:00 Cartoon Festival
11:00 Focus "Wings to Italy"
11:30 This is the Answer "That They May Hear"
noon Christopher Program "A Link in the Chain"
12:30 Faith for Today "Is remarriage disloyalty to a deceased partner?"
1:00 Feature Matinee "So This is New York"
2:30 Feature Film "The Senator was Indiscreet"
4:00 Hopalong Cassidy
5:00 College News Conference (House Speaker Joseph W. Martin Jr. (R-MA))
5:30 Open Hearing
6:00 Meet Corlis Archer
6:30 Frankie Laine (guests the Cassavecchio Brothers)
7:00 You Asked for It
7:30 Hollywood Film "Race Street"
9:00 Dangerous Assignment
9:30 Passport to Danger
10:00 Mike Wallace Interview (guest Charles "Commando" Kelly)
10:30 Night Show "Adventure in Manhattan"
12:30 Sunday Playhouse "The Southerner"

WNHC 8-ABC/CBS New Haven
9:00 This is the Life
9:30 Christophers "Robert Young Speaks for Himself"
10:00 Living Word "Pottery"
10:15 Industry on Parade
10:30 This is the Answer "The House That the Hunter Built"
11:00 Channel 8 Ranch "Dead Man's Gulch"
noon World's Best Movies "Dr. Kildare's Strange Case"
1:30 Off to Adventure "Alfred Kodasette and His Tom-Tom"
1:45 Sunday Cartoons
1:55 Baseball: Yankees-Kansas City (first game of doubleheader)
4:30 Get Set-Go
5:00 Frontier "Return of Jubal Dolan"
5:30 Comedy Party
6:00 Badge 714 (Dragnet) "Big Siege"
6:30 You are There "The Fall of Fort Sumter"
7:00 You Asked for It
7:30 Hollywood Film "Race Street"
9:00 TBA
10:00 Mike Wallace Interview
10:30 News/Weather
10:45 World's Best Movies "Bathing Beauty"

WOR 9-Ind
8:45 Christopher Program
9:00 This is the Life
9:30 Christian Science
9:45 Man to Man "Man's Family Tree"
10:00 Oral Roberts
10:30 Christopher Program
11:00 Cartoon Time
noon Million Dollar Movie "Born to Kill"
1:30 Greatest Fights (from 1948: Tony Zale v Marcel Cerdan)
1:40 Felton Press Box
1:55 Baseball: Dodgers-Chicago Cubs
5:00 Million Dollar Movie (repeat of noon film)
6:30 Comedy Theater "Riverboat Rhythm"
7:30 Million Dollar Movie (r)
9:00 Hour of Mystery "The Man Who Returned to Life"
10:00 Million Dollar Movie (r)

WPIX 11-Ind
11:45 Christophers
12:15 Industry on Parade
12:30 Sightseeing "My West Indies Cruise"
1:00 Ramar of the Jungle "Evil Strangers"
1:30 Baseball Hall of Fame "The Extra Inning"
1:40 Red Barber
1:55 Baseball: Yankees-Kansas City doubleheader
7:20 Red Barber
7:30 Victory at Sea "The Pacific Rolls Over"
8:00 Paris Precinct "The Acid Case"
8:30 I Led Three Lives
9:00 Mr. District Attorney
9:30 Badge 714 (Dragnet) "The Look"
10:00 Studio 57 "Pride of a Man"
10:30 The Whistler "Death Sentence"
11:00 Mystery Theater "Real Danger"

WATV 13-Ind
8:00 Children's Gospel
8:30 Oral Roberts
9:00 Rev. Thea Jones "The Message of the Cross"
9:15 Gospel Train
10:00 German Variety
10:30 Big Picture
11:00 Spanish Show
11:30 Hollywood Jackpot
noon Rossini Panel Show
12:30 Professor Prezzolini
12:45 Padre Adolfo
1:00 Italy Today
1:30 Report from Rutgers "The Older Worker in Industry"
2:00 University "The Bill of Rights-1957"
2:30 Famous All-Star Movie "Behind Green Lights"
4:00 Request Performance "Quiet Please, Murder"
5:00 Comedy Corner
5:30 Evangel Hour
6:00 NJ Legislative Report "A Positive Approach to Juvenile Delinquency"
6:30 Gov. Meyner's Report "Your State Government-Department of Banking and Insurance"
7:00 Cartoon Comics
7:30 Famous All-Star Movie (replay of 2:30 film)
9:00 Latin American Carnival
10:00 Foreign Correspondent
10:30 Famous All-Star Movie (r)
11:30 Hollywood Half-Hour

WICC 43-ABC/DuMont Bridgeport
6:30pm This is the Life
7:00 Film Shorts
7:30 Hollywood Film "Race Street"
9:00 Film Shorts
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