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Originally Posted by um
I was no older than 10 , probably younger, when I used to watch Petticoat Junction, and most of the episodes had dialogue that I did not understand.
I liked the beginning theme song and the scenes of the old-fashioned train going through the tracks to the small town.
But I think that the only episode I ever fully understood was the one in which the dog Benji ran away because he thought no one loved him and the dog encounters a wandering hobo who gives him some awful stew to eat and tells the dog to get used to it . Then just when the hobo is about to hop a train to a different town, and tells the dog to hurry up or stay behind Benji decides that he rather be home and just goes back and Uncle Joe and the others are glad to see him and end up treating him like a baby, putting him in a crib to make him feel wanted.

BTW I think that this episode was one in which one of the major female characters had already had a baby whereas at the very earliest episodes, she was not a mother yet.

It might be a point at which the show "Jumped The Shark" before the term was ever invented.

Again, I am not too clear since I watched Petticoat Junction when I was a pre-teen. Can anyone let me know how accurate my descriptions are here?
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