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Originally Posted by SheRaaa
-The Disappeared show said both Steve and Amy were "working part-time at a sporting good store" at the time of Amy's disappearance. Did they also have full-time jobs, or how were they supporting themselves? Was Lander *that* cheap in the 90s?!
When interviewed on UM, Steve mentioned that Amy wanted them to live a carefree life and work when older. I'm pretty sure they didn't work full-time, or at least it wasn't mentioned. Maybe they had savings from previous jobs and some family money? I'm also surprised that they were able to pull this off.

-Early on, investigators had few leads but said there were persistent rumors of a hit-and-run...they even took in a car and tried to search it for evidence but said they didn't find any. I wonder who these suspects were (Disappeared only mentioned they were Native American)? Were they ever mentioned on UM?
UM didn't mention this lead. I'd also like to know, especially how they got the names from the rumors.

-The whole Dale Wayne Eaton thing...whoa! Was THIS ever mentioned on UM?!
Not mentioned on UM because he wasn't a person of interest at the time the segment aired. He had yet to be caught for his murder of Lisa Marie Kimmell. I think he is a very good suspect. Sad to say, but Amy Bechtel's hobby of running in such a serene, rural place would make her the perfect target for people like him

I found the space station mention on Disappeared intriguing. Imagine if the weather hadn't been overcast that day...we might actually have some answers.
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