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Default Erin Moran is TOTALLY NUTS!

IF I had to guess what REALLY happened between Erin Moran and Henry Winkler, Henry at MOST might have flirted with her but did NOT do anything more than that. He puts his arm around people a lot and is a very affectionate person. He still is this way, and someone could misconstrue this as something that is nothing. IF she is saying Henry tried to seduce her, than she is way off base, and creating an event in her own mind that never happened. She is nuts.

As far as what happened between her and Scott Baio, I saw HER talking with Scott on his reality show years ago, "Scott Baio 45 and single" and they both talked about when they dated each other in the late 70s early 80s. Scott spoke about his inexperience and how he dry humped her and it was over before it started. You can find the interview online if you look for it.

I never thought Erin was HOT, ever at any age. She at most, was a cute little girl once. That was about it.
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