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Originally Posted by WishfulDreamer
I remember this. I was also pissed off at comments like "ew lesbian badge thing."

Julie's friend was one of my favorite interviewees. She spoke highly of Julie, their similar competitiveness, and wanting to remember her and keep her badge. You could tell they were good friends and colleagues. It makes me seriously angry that people would mock their friendship and a woman wanting to remember and honor her friend. If any callous comments should be made, it should be about the scum responsible for the murder, not the woman who died in the line of duty or her friend who also works a job putting her life on the line to keep the streets safe.

For the record, I have nothing but contempt for the thug who shot Julie and hope the case gets solved and the book gets thrown at him and have admiration for Julie's determination and wanting to do right by the community. I have no way of knowing one way or the other what the bond between Julie and her colleague may have been. However; if it turned out that had more in common than just being fellow officers, it wouldn't have come as a total surprise to me. And I think there WOULD be folks out there who'd bat or roll an eye if both the above were men re the badge.
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