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Originally Posted by Apostapler
While it is always a possibility that recovering alcoholics can relapse, and substitute for their drug of choice, one would have to look into the financial resources available to AJ. If he had started selling things or his bank account were drained, this would be a possibility. For all intents and purposes, this has not been shown to be the case. I cannot agree that this theory is a possibility.

Suicide is always a possibility. Even if there are no signs to indicate a change in behavior. It's just a sad reality that people commit suicide who you would never suspect of doing so. Parking his car in a public place and leaving it may indicate that he wanted to disappear, so that his family would not have to deal with finding a body.

However, neither of these theories explain his sightings after his disappearance, and I believe the sighting at the gas station to be credible. The guy knew AJ since he was a kid.

An idea just popped into my head that perhaps AJ was working on an intervention for someone. Helping someone get sober/detox. If you're staying up with someone to make sure they're safe, you would look tired, disheveled, as he did when he was sighted at the gas station. Perhaps they were taking this person to rehab when the other person saw him in the car with the men. Perhaps it was AJ himself trying to get clean again. But that doesn't explain why he disappeared.
An intervention seems very unlikely. If he was trying to sober himself up, or help someone else, why wouldn't he tell his family? He seemed very up front about his alcohol problems. So, I doubt he would hide such a problem.

What we should really focus is the three men in car with AJ. I get the feeling that they were bad individuals. Why didn't AJ wave to his friend? Perhaps AJ was too afraid to wave back at his friend. It didn't sound like he was in a comfortable situation. Plus, they were the last people seen with AJ.
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