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Originally Posted by PZelda
Didn't they switch companies for season 8? Well, not exactly... It was just Paramount that sold the first seven seasons... but CBS jumped on the wagon for the season eight release.

I'm pissed they haven't finished releasing the last three seasons, being I've rewatched the [incomplete] series. They need to get on top of things. The way Paramount & CBS has been treating Cheers, I doubt we'll see a season 9 release for 2007. I mean COME ON, that was the season they were #1 in ratings, for crying out loud!

If memory serves me right, season 8 came out in late July of 2006. So that means it's already been over a year since the last release. And I think we would have heard now if season 9 was out any point this year. Another series that CBS is taking its own sweet time releasing and that is All in the Family. They seem to be doing that one release a year.
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