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Originally posted by Factsoflife_jo
Fonzie may not have been as close to Ralph as he was to Richie, but he sure like Ralph better than Potsie. In the several Ralph-oriented episodes, Fonzie always tried to talk Ralph out of doing something stupid (like running away), or he at least showed him some respect. Potsie, on the other hand, was always treated as a true nerd by the Fonz. I think Fonz probably considered Ralph a nerd, but he actually respected him a lot more than Potsie. So I wouldn't say their relationship was "enchanting," but it was at least a step above the Fonz and Potsie's relationship.
By the way, Ralph is my second favorite character on the show; second to the Fonz.
From what i saw, the ralph malph character was not intimidated by the fonz like richie and potsie. Also Ralph was much cooler than richie and potsie
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