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Originally Posted by huntincutie92
A.J. Breaux's case was not solved; he was not found alive nor dead. I wish the post about him being found alive was true, but it's not. It's his birthday today; he would be 66. I think I would know if he was found. I'm his great niece.
I'm so glad to see someone from AJ Breaux's family is posting on here. I am sorry to hear he's never been found. I lived in Houma for a short time in the mid 90's so I've always remembered this segment very well. Can you tell us any other info that UM didn't share? Like for instance does the family have any theories on what happened to him? Do they think he was abducted or started drinking again and harmed himself? Were there any other credible sightings of him that UM didn't mention? UM made the sightings seem to be pretty credible in my opinion. Any more info you'd like to share with us about AJ and the segment would be appreciated. Of course all of us send our thoughts to your family and definitely hope he can be found!
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