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Great thread....I totally concur, Bob and Suzanne had a great chemistry. While they seemed to be married to each other, Bob had been married to Ginnie for years and by the end of the TBNS series, they had 4 kids. (The third was born at the beginning of the series and the 4th was born at the end.) Suzanne had been married to her first Tommy for awhile, too. (He died in 2000 and she then married Tom Poston a couple of years later.) But they remain friends to this day - that whole cast does.

The proof of the pudding regarding the audience reaction to Bob's TV wives came out at the end of Newhart (the innkeeper series), when he woke up in bed and Emily comes out from under the covers. The way the live audience screamed and squealed in delight, told us all that everyone thought the chemistry was right between Bob and Suzanne, and all wrong between Bob and Mary Frann (RIP).

Regarding children....Howard was their child, in a way. He could be so child-like. Also, Bob told the producers right off, he did not want to be a dad in this show. He loves kids (good thing, he has 4! and I lost track of how many grandkids), but didn't want to do a show where the kids always shine over Dad and make him look stupid. So Howard became their kid.

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